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Teeth in a day

Are your dentures not fitting like they used to? Are your teeth in such bad condition that your remaining teeth cannot be saved? There is a new surgical-restorative solution that can address these issues, give you a beautiful smile, and restore full function to eat and speak in one treatment visit.

  • Patients are never without their teeth – teeth are installed the same day as extractions.
  • The treatment eliminates the need to wear temporary restorations, flippers or dentures.
  • Patients report easier healing, as teeth are implant-supported and not resting on the gums.

All on 4® treatment concept

Before the All on 4® treatment concept dentures were the best we had for patients missing all of their teeth. Unfortunately,wearing denturesis nothing like normal eating or speaking. Dentures are basically two plastic plates that sit on patients jaws and rub together in order to mash up their food. It sounds terrible and for most, it is, from a functional perspective. Without tooth roots and constant pressure from dentures, the bone shrinks over time. This is why anyone wearing dentures over an extended period of time find that there dentures “loosen”. This is because the bone that was supporting the dentures and keeping them in place shrinks away. As dentists, we often would hear these types of patients complain how their “new” dentures don’t fit like their “old” ones. As our population is living longer, patients are living in dentures “longer” than their bone can adequately support them. Another drawback to dentures is that the upper denture needs to cover the roof of the mouth. This is one of the major reasons patients dislike dentures withmany of them reporting that it changes the way their food tastes. Dentures, especially ill-fitting dentures, can affect the way patients speak and can slip out or dislodge at the most inopportune time. The All on 4® treatment concept can solve all of these issues for eligible patients and much more.

No one likes dentures and no one should have to be in them forever. Here at SofTouch Dental we like to think of dentures as temporary prothesis, similar to crutches, to get patients through to their permanent treatment. Many people have heard of the Blade or the Flex-Foot Cheetah®. We feel All on 4® treatment concept can do for the mouth what the Blade has done for patients missing their lower limbs – get as close to original function as possible.

With the All on 4® treatment concept patients have a screwed in prosthesis that allows them to chew with 80% of their original biting force vs 15-20% with dentures. Since these prothesis are anchored to your bone they don’t move or slip while eating or talking. In addition, because the prosthesis is anchored into bone, the bone stays healthy and stable overtime very similar to having tooth roots. These prothesis DO NOT cover the roof of the mouth and only straddle above the gums. Patients are able to take off eating, speaking, and smiling at full speed.

The first step is a consultation with Dr. Schiffenhaus. He will do a limited exam and panoramic x-ray to determine if you are a candidate for the All on 4® treatment concept. Most patients are candidates, as there are very few cases than cannot be done. Dr. Schiffenhaus will the discuss your treatment options in addition to All on 4® and help you decide what is best for you. Dr. Schiffenhaus will go over any concerns you have and detail the process as necessary for you. If you decide to move forward Dr. Schiffenhaus will send you to our surgeon, Dr. Randy Fitzgerald at AZPerio. Dr. Fitzgerald will take a 3-D scan of your mouth to get a more detailed analysis of your bone and clinical situation. Dr. Fitzgerald will be able to make a final determination as to whether you are a candidate for All on 4® and plan out the surgery. In more extreme situations, patients may not be candidates for “teeth-in-a-day” and will require more steps in order to be restored in the All on 4® treatment concept which Dr. Fitzgerald will be able to determine at this appointment. If you decide to move forward, a surgical date will be scheduled and you will have impressions taken to start making your temporary fixed dentures. For those able to do teeth-in-a-day, at your surgery your remaining teeth will be extracted, implants placed and temporary denture screw into your implants. You will be able to use your temporary fixed dentures very similarly to your final prosthesis. Your implants need a couple months to heal and “integrate” into your bone. When this process is complete, Dr. Schiffenhaus will take impressions of the implants in your mouth in order to make your final prosthesis. You will come back for a few more visits for try-ins and adjustments. Your final fixed prosthesis is then delivered. Luckily, the journey doesn’t stop here unlike at some other offices. Dr. Schiffenhaus and Dr. Fitzgerald will see you for cleanings and help maintain your prosthesis and oral health for the long term. We believe this is just the beginning of a transformational period of your life and we are happy to be a part of it. Contact us today to make an appointment for a consultation!