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  • We believe in a comprehensive approach to Biomimetic Restorative Dentistry – while we are happy to deliver what you need to stabilize your oral health we also like to give you the big picture of both long term planning to reduce the over all cost of dental work through out your life by getting you past stabilized to optimal oral health.
  • This involves a thorough work up you may not be used to at other dental offices, in addition to a full series of x-rays & measuring your gum health we will:
  • Take a full series of high definition photos: aids in diagnosis, treatment planning, explanation of treatment to patient, & smile design – click here for examples
  • CBCT – Cone Beam CT – This will help us evaluate you jaws and teeth in 3-Dimensional view, this helps with orthodontic & implant treatment planning & find disease processes often obscured or hard to see in 2-dimensional treatment planning
  • Full Mouth Scan – Creates a 3D model of patient’s teeth and bite, previously generations used to take impressions and pour these up in stone and store in boxes, we can use this information to check for bite alignment and tracking tooth wear from grinding over time, this is a great tool in determining if patients night orthodontics and/or night guards – can also be used for smile design and helping patients understand their treatment needs
  • Dr. Schiffenhaus & Dr. May will gather this information, present an initial plan with the patients urgent needs and schedule a time in the future to go over the patient’s comprehensive treatment plan to get to optimal oral health that will result in less treatment and cost over the patient’s lifetime”