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Same day crowns

Did you know you can get a permanent dental crown in one comfortable visit?

At SofTouch Dental we provide high quality modern dentistry to minimize the things you don’t like about seeing the dentist.

When it comes to dental crowns three things patients hate are 1) biting down on goopy impression and temporary material when their mouths are sore and tired 2) wearing brittle temporary crowns for 2-3 weeks which require patients to avoid chewing on one side and usually lead to gum inflammation and tooth sensitivity 3) Needing multiple appointments for a single procedure i.e. coming back to have the permanent crown cemented that requires either getting a numbing injection or skipping the numbing and having a very short but uncomfortable experience cleaning off the old temporary cement and putting the new crown on with permanent cement.

Just ask David Letterman how much he loves this experience:

Why would anyone sign up for that when there is an alternative? Here at Softouch we utilize our Cerec to make permanent crowns in the office in just a little more time than traditional offices have you in the chair for the 1st of two crown appointments (1.5-2 hours). How does this work? Once we have identified the dental problem and the restorative solution we start by getting you numb. While you are getting numb we use the CerecOmnicam to take digital images of your teeth, mainly the area we will be working on and the teeth that come in contact with that area. We then address the dental issue and prepare the tooth for the restoration. Once the tooth is prepared we use the CerecOmnicam to take digital images of the prepared tooth. The Cerec computer then uses these images to create a 3-D model of your teeth where we can custom design your restoration. Once your restoration is designed it is sent digitally to our Cerec MC XL mill where your restoration is custom milled from a ceramic block. We often invite patients to watch as most find it fascinating. Patients usually ask if this is similar to 3-D printing. We tell them it is actually the opposite, we are removing material from a block as opposed to building, it’s more like sculpting. Afterwards, depending on the location, custom coloring or further characterizations are done and the ceramic restoration is heated in an oven for final processing. After it has cooled, it is thoroughly cleaned and delivered to the patient. Most often, patients are still numb and the restoration can be comfortably cemented in the mouth permanently. The whole process for a single restoration generally takes 1.5-2 hours, complicated, cosmetic, or multiple unit cases may take longer. For our patients’ convenience we have Netflix® available in the operatories for you to watch your favorite movies and shows while you wait for your final restoration to be made and delivered.

Please enjoy this video from the makers of Cerec technology, please contact our office with any questions or to make your appointment today!